Developed by professional firefighters, the ManDown App is a personal safety app that can save lives.


What is the ManDown App?

The ManDown App sends immediate alerts in case of an emergency or injury. Simply enter the contact information for your family, friends, and/or colleagues; if you have an emergency, they will automatically be notified via text, phone, or e-mail.


How Does it Work?

Once the ManDown App is activated, it continuously monitors the phone’s movement. The default setting is that if the phone is motionless for 30 seconds, then a Pre-Alarm warning will start. If the phone is not moved within another 30 seconds, then the Full Alarm mode is activated. In the Full Alarm mode the phone sends out a local, audible alarm. The phone will also send out a text, email and phone call to selected emergecy contacts. This message will also contain the GPS location of the person in distress.

The motionless timer can be set, in hourly increments, for up to 24 hours. This feature enables the ManDown App to be used as a Safety Net device, useful for lone workers, seniors, children, babysitters, and more.


Who Should Use ManDown?

  • Firefighters, police, first responders, military personnel, and workers in potentially hazardous situations
  • Lone Workers  (such as postal workers, utility workers, or night watchmen)
  • Seniors
  • People with Mobility Problems or Health Conditions
  • Children
  • College Students
  • Nannys or Baby Sitters
  • Hikers
  • And More!


Workers who work alone or in dangerous conditions can set the alarm for a set number of hours and if they do not check in and move their phone in that time, their emergency contacts will automatically be sent their location and alerted that something might be wrong.

The ManDown App is also a useful personal safety app and medical alert system for seniors and people with mobility problems or other health conditions. An elderly person living alone or person with a health condition can use the App to check-in with family by setting the timer for once or twice a day. If the user has an accident and can't move or is unconscious, the Alarm will automatically activate.

Parents can buy the ManDown App for their kids, and immediately get notified if their kids encounter an emergency or need help. Buy the ManDown App for your teenagers or college-bound kids, and feel safe knowing that they can send an “SOS” message if they ever need emergency help.

The ManDown App has so many ways in which it can be used to help keep you and your loved ones safe and secure.


What are the App's Features?

Low Cost. There are no monthly fees associated with use of the app.

Emergency Alerts: When users download the ManDown App, they can add an unlimited number of names and contact details for people who they want to receive alerts in case of emergency. Alerts can be sent via text, e-mail and phone, and provide the emergency contact with the user's location.

SOS Button: In addition to the automatic motion-sensitive monitoring, the ManDown App also gives users the option to proactively press the “SOS” button to send an immediate alert, unrelated to lack of mobility. This is a great tool for personal safety or medical alerts, as it immediately sends an “SOS” alert to notify others of the user’s location and convey their need for help.

Automatic Personal Safety GPS Tracker: When the user presses the “Activate” button on the ManDown App, the phone will monitor the user’s movements. If the user’s phone is motionless for longer than 30 seconds, a pre-alert will go off. If the user is motionless for a minute, the emergency alerts will be issued, notifying people that the user needs help and communicating the user’s name and GPS location of the user’s phone.

Adjustable Timer. Users can personalize the timer for any particular situation.

The ManDown App is:  

Easy to Use: There are two ways to call for help – an automatic motion-sensing alert tool, or a proactive “SOS Button.”

Inexpensive: Only $2.99 to download. Get additional credits as needed via in-app purchase.

Trusted by firefighters: Get the personal safety app developed by real-life emergency responders.

Protect your loved ones. Protect yourself. Get the peace of mind of knowing that the ManDown App has you covered.


Buy the ManDown App for iPhone


Buy the ManDown App for Android


Motion Countdown

ManDown sends out an automatic emergency alert when the smartphone user is motionless for 60 seconds (ideal for firefighters, emergency responders and workers in hazardous conditions). Or you can select the SOS button to send out the emergency alert immediately (good for a civilian “medical alert” or personal safety situation).

Auto Text Alert

ManDown sends a text message to a pre-determined number alerting them of the emergency and sending out the user’s name and last known GPS location.






Auto Dial Alert

Pre select phone number(s) to receive an automatic phone call alerting them of the emergency and sending out the user’s name and last known GPS location.


I just got this for my mom who lives alone. I set it up to automatically call and text me in an emergency. Brilliant and well worth the cost.

John Reilly - NYC

I always turn on the app when I'm headed out. Not only does this app sound an alarm if I'm motionless, it also has a SOS button. Now if something should happen to me, help is just a button away.

Marlene Williams

Our job is tough and takes us into some unruly places. Knowing an alert will go out if something happens to me is comforting.

Captain Tom Woods - Chicago FD

I work alone late at night. After activating ManDown I can go about my business knowing if something happens to me people will know. Not only that they will know where I am. Great tool.

Mike A. - USPS


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