Read our FAQs to learn more about how to use the ManDown App. If you still have any issues or questions, please fill out our support form below, and a representative will respond to you as soon as possible.

ManDown App FAQs

1. Do my credits ever expire?- No. Your credits will never expire. But if you use up all of your credits, you can buy more via in-app purchase.

2. Why isn’t the app showing my correct location?- The ManDown App mapping feature works from your phone’s mapping program. The location mapping will be as accurate as your phone’s default map is. Mapping accuracy will vary according to the phone, cellular/wireless Internet provider and access to GPS satellites.

3. How do I enter multiple recipients?- There are two ways to enter recipients:
A) Manually – each recipient must be separated by a comma.
B) From your contacts list – just tap the ‘+’ to go to your contacts list. Then check off the contacts you want a message to go to.

4. The app is not calling my entered recipients?- Phone entries require country code + area code + phone number. For USA, the country code is ‘1’. Each phone number must be separated by a comma.

5. Can I leave the app on all day?- Yes, but answering or making a call will de-activate the app.

6. Will the app work if I don’t have a GPS signal?- Yes, the call and text function will always work if there is cellular coverage. The GPS will send the last known location.

7. Can I have different contacts for phone, text and email?- Phone and text alerts go to the same numbers. E-mail addresses don’t have to match the phone numbers, but it’s best to enter paired phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

8. Do I need to have credits available for the app to work?- No. Credits are needed for the ‘Full’ version. The ‘Full” version sends out voice, text and e-mail messages. The basic version comes with unlimited e-mail, but no voice or text. Even if you have zero credits, the app will still send e-mail alerts. But if you want to send voice or text alerts, make sure you have some available credits. The credits can be bought in groups of 50, 100 or 200. Cost is from $2.99 for 50 credits to $8.99 for 200 credits.




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